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Find out what goes on at High Street Road and St John’s Uniting Churches and the meaning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.


A welcoming place

For more than 130 years the church on the hill has been a place of worship, caring and friendship, reaching out to the Mount Waverley community and beyond. Similarly, St John’s Uniting Church – the church on the plain – has for more than 60 years, provided a spiritual home for many people in our community, serving them with compassion and care. At both churches, everyone is welcome – diversity is embraced, matters of social justice are passionately supported and it is a safe place to bring the hard questions of life and the challenges of our human existence.

To find out more about what is on offer you can contact the HSRUC office on Tuesday or Thursday mornings or the St John’s office on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings.

Worship at High Street Road & St John’s Uniting Churches.


For the past 18 months, we have been worshipping with our sister church St John’s Uniting Church Mt Waverley on the first Sunday of the month. We are planning to unite our congregations and from 2 February 2020, we will be worshipping together every Sunday at 10.15 am. The first and third Sundays will be at St John’s UC, 37-43 Virginia Street, Mt Waverley. The second and fourth Sundays will be at HSRUC. Times and locations are listed below and on our Home Page and will be updated regularly.

SUNDAYPM: Prior to Covid19, we also gathered at 6.00 pm on the first, second and third Sundays  for contemporary worship, discussion and a shared meal. We sought to engage in open and frank discussion about a wide range of issues including social justice, contemporary biblical and theological ideas, engaging with our First Peoples and matters of public and political concern. Sometimes we used film or online material or had a guest speaker and occasionally we went on an excursion to another place of worship to experience different faiths and the many ways in which people seek to engage with the spiritual. Now we meet on Zoom at 7.00pm! And we would love to have you join us for enthusiastic discussion, challenging learning and great fellowship.
Contact julie@highstreetroadunitingchurchmountwaverley.org if you would like to join us.


Coming to a new church or coming to church at all, can be a bit daunting. Will I be welcome? Will I know what to do? There will always be a friend to show you the ropes or to ensure that you are settled in a quiet space if you are seeking peace and tranquillity

We love having the children and their families.

Our worship transitions between traditional and contemporary and runs for about an hour. We enjoy Christian music and songs where the message is relevant to our lives and faith but where old favourites still have an important part to play. When our minister Julie speaks to us she seeks to uncover how the Biblical story is connected to our stories. Hence we discover how relevant the Scriptures are to our lives and the world beyond us. We have some fine musicians and drama, especially at Christmas, forms an important part of our worship from time to time.

After worship we share morning tea in our Fellowship Area or in the lovely, adjacent courtyard if the weather is fine.