Worship at High Street Road & St John’s Uniting Churches.


For most of 2020 our worship has been online, and we have gathered virtually. We use video to film our services and they are accessible at any time. But beginning on 6th December, we also began gathering face to face within a Covid Safe environment.  You will find our service times here.


Worship will seem quite different because our priority must be to keep everyone safe. But it will be wonderful to see each other again, to sit in our sacred spaces and to worship God and pray in community once again. We are bound by law to meet the following requirements:

  • All people attending worship must always be socially distanced. Our capacity for both our churches is limited to 60 people.
  • There can now be congregational singing and from time to time we will have a small Covid Safe choir, socially distanced from the congregation.
  • No food or drink can be consumed, nor utensils shared. However Holy Communion can now be celebrated in a Covid Safe way.
  • In order that we can comply with both Government and Uniting Church requirements, everyone will need to contact our offices to ‘book their seats’. For the services you wish to attend at St John’s, email office@stjohnsuniting.org.au or ring (9888 2295) during office hours. For the services you wish to attend at High St Rd, email Shirley hsruc@iinet.net.au or ring (9887 8239) during office hours.
  • Please let us know if your circumstances change and you can’t attend a service so that we can offer your place to someone on our waiting list.
  • We ask that everyone come fifteen minutes early for Covid processing.  Enter through back door at HSRUC and the front door NEXT TO THE CHAPEL at St John’s. Greeters will invite you to queue up, socially distanced and move to processing stations for temperature checks, signing in, sanitising of hands.
  • Masks always to be worn inside.
  • Stewards will guide you to your seats where you will continue to be socially distanced – couples may sit together.
  • Exiting worship is through the front door at HSRUC and through the side door of the narthex leading directly into the carpark at St John’s.

You will need to be patient with us as this is a big learning process for everyone – and hopefully our restrictions will soon ease.


Coronavirus has changed everything for everyone! Churches are no different! But what we believe hasn’t changed. How we serve and care hasn’t changed. Seeking God’s Kingdom of love, hope, peace, justice and joy remains the compass point to which we are heading. So if you are thinking about visiting us, we understand that coming to a new church or coming to church at all, can be a bit daunting. Will I be welcome? Will I know what to do? Be assured that there will always be a friend to show you the ropes or to ensure that you are settled in a quiet space if you are seeking peace and tranquillity.

We love having the children and their families.


Our worship, be it face to face or virtual, transitions between traditional and contemporary and runs for about an hour. We enjoy Christian music and songs where the message is relevant to our lives and faith but where old favourites still have an important part to play. When our ministers Julie and Semisi speak to us, they seek to uncover how the Biblical story is connected to our stories. Hence, we discover how relevant the Scriptures are to our lives and the world beyond us. We have some fine musicians and drama forms an important part of our worship from time to time – especially at Christmas!

After worship we used to share morning tea in our Fellowship Areas or in the lovely, adjacent courtyards if the weather is fine. Hopefully the time will come when we can enjoy this once again.